100 years


At Redondo Iglesias we have commemorated our Centennial in 2020. We wanted to celebrate by focusing on the philosophy of our company, which is none other than to continue doing things as we did 100 years ago, quietly, like our cellars at an altitude of more than 1,200 meters, and calmly, like the oak and pine forests that surround our Iberian ham plant in Candelario (Salamanca).

We elaborate all our products with the traditional recipes that we have been treasuring and perfecting after four generations of affection and dedication to our trade. Always respecting the ancestral tradition inherited from Antonio Redondo and Anastasia Iglesias, founders of the family business, the seed of today’s Redondo Iglesias.

The young couple settled in Valdelacasa, a village located next to Guijuelo in the south of Salamanca, in 1920. They began to produce Iberian hams and sausages with Iberian pigs raised in the pastures of the area until they gained well-deserved recognition and prestige in the best butcher’s shops and delicatessens in Madrid and Barcelona. In the 50’s his only son, Gregorio Redondo, took over the small business, moved to Guijuelo and later in the 60’s emigrated to Valencia. After some hard beginnings, he expanded the business by adding to the production of Iberian products, which remained in Salamanca, the whole range of Serrano products, which he started to produce in Utiel. Gregorio is clear that the only way to prosper is to offer a quality product and follow his parents’ original recipe, as well as to work hard. And so it does …

The business is growing and the family is growing with it. Gregorio and Sagrario’s sons, Antonio, José María, Miguel Ángel and Mario, are gradually joining the company that Gregorio, Sagrario and her sister Maria Teresa are maintaining with their efforts to work in what they are passionate about and have been living since their childhood. “My brothers and I grew up among hams, listening to my father at home and observing how they were made back then,” says Mario Redondo, CEO of the company, who points out “and that has been our success after a century: not altering anything, raising the pigs as before and making our products the same way my grandfather did”.

Candelario blanco y negro

After 100 years, Redondo Iglesias is a reference in the Iberian and Serrano ham sector. Our brand is present in more than 25 countries in 4 continents. It was also one of the first companies to have its production process approved by the USDA in 1997 in order to sell ham to the USA. Today it is still a market in which the brand is very well positioned. In Spain, we have a magnificent plant in Candelario (Salamanca), where we produce all our Iberian hams, another in Utiel, where our Serrano cured meats are cured, and our headquarters and logistics platform in Quart de Poblet (Valencia). We should also mention the pasture near Herrera del Duque (Badajoz), where all our Iberian pigs are raised in freedom with a natural diet.

Outside Spain, it has a sausage processing plant and slicing room in the Montreal area (Canada) to supply the North American market.

After so much time, the only objective of Redondo Iglesias is to continue offering a quality, natural and artisan product with the same formula as 100 years ago and with the same flavor as then. It is also a social and environmental commitment, taking care of our consumers and offering them healthier and more sustainable food.

We want to make it clear that Redondo Iglesias is aware that it has reached where it is thanks to all of you and that is why “we celebrate 100 years with you”.