About us


Master ham makers since 1920

Redondo Iglesias is a family company specialized in Iberian and Serrano hams since 1920. In the elaboration of its products, it combines traditional values and methods with the most modern technology and the most demanding control processes, ensuring a “premium” product in all its aspects. Our commitment to the quality and excellence of our hams and sausages has allowed us to reach international markets, thus becoming true brand ambassadors.


Since 1920

Our origins have marked the history of Redondo Iglesias. The family business was founded in 1920. From then until now, we have grown up with only one way of understanding things … and in 100 years our spirit has not changed.

This is how all our Iberian pigs are raised “as before”, in freedom, with a natural and balanced diet and in the best pastures. We also continue to maintain a long drying process in our cellars, as was done in the past, in order to guarantee an optimum result.

Since 1920 many things have changed, but our essence, our care and attention to each and every one of our pieces, remains the same.

SALAMANCA, Cradle of our Iberian Cured Meat Products

In the middle of the Sierra de Candelario (Salamanca) at more than 1200 m. of altitude and in a unique place is located our Iberian Drying place. It is there, surrounded by nature, where all our hams and sausages reach the right point after a slow and natural curing process.

The botanical richness and the climate of the area make Candelario, a town with a long tradition of pork production, the perfect setting for the elaboration process of all our Iberian products. In this Sierra Salamanca, artisan hands take care of our products every day, respecting the centenary tradition of four generations of master ham makers, and allowing time to pass, a fundamental ingredient, to obtain an exceptional and high quality product.

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The artisanal elaboration, our traditional process and the curing process in natural cellars, make it possible for each and every one of our pieces to be unique, and to preserve the original and authentic flavors of a century ago. At Redondo Iglesias we take meticulous care of every step, respecting our ancestral recipe and making sure to maintain the highest quality standards. This is how all our hams and sausages, Iberian and Serrano, have personal and uniform organoleptic characteristics. In addition, following the new market trends, our production of hams and shoulders is free of allergens, preservatives and additives, so we are facing a natural product, ideal for a balanced diet, with an intense aroma, a juicy texture and an exceptional flavor.