In the search for healthier products we have eliminated additives and preservatives from our production, so that our hams are produced as they were in 1920, in a traditional way and only with pork and sea salt from the Mediterranean, with the most exhaustive quality controls of the market.

In our eagerness to return to our origins, we want to resume the healthy habit of eating natural products. We select the best raw materials to produce a product with the highest standards of quality and totally natural, an awareness that we at Redondo Iglesias have demonstrated with our 100% Natural line.



We have been reducing the micronage of all our plastic packaging to a minimum for years, using recycled PET pellets wherever possible. This is how we achieve a circular economy by second use and reduction of more than 50% of plastic.

We have made all our cases 100% recyclable by eliminating the silver laminated plastic layer. In addition, we are testing 100% recyclable PET monomaterial film from 80-90% recycled material to replace the current PET/EVOH/PE.

The non-recycled cartons come mostly from natural Kraft material from sustainable forests and most of our deliveries are made in returnable plastic boxes instead of disposable cartons.

In addition, our logistics center is designed to optimize the use of space in boxes, pallets or even in the containers of large shipments, measures that we have adopted in our Company to favor the reduction of logistics costs and energy resources, thus reducing our carbon footprint.



Our livestock farm has an internal animal welfare protocol prior to EC regulations. We avoid the abuse of antibiotics in our animals past the critical infant age.

We also have a diet based on Spanish cereals and soybeans from stable agricultural origins in countries such as Argentina, and never from deforested areas of the Amazon, such as the Eco-Region of “El Cerrado” in Brazil, which is currently in serious danger.

We also watch over the genetic conservation of the Iberian breed, through the scrupulous monitoring of all our production of RD 4/2014 of the Iberian Standard in our breeding.



Our Production Plants are located in geographic enclaves that are characterized by the beauty of their landscape, climate and optimal vegetation for the elaboration of our products.

This is how all our Ibéricos are produced in Candelario (Salamanca), a magnificent enclave protected as a natural area and included in the Biosphere Reserve of the Sierras de Béjar and Francia. The mountains of Utiel in the province of Valencia, are also a reliable example of our commitment to the environment; it is in this rural town where we have our Serranos plant in an ideal place for the curing of our hams.

In our daily work we are concerned about the reduction of energy and water consumption, as well as the use, reduction and minimization of waste by implementing an environmental management system that is part of our social responsibility.