As part of its traditional process since 1920, Redondo Iglesias is a pioneer in the production of natural products, which is why our entire range of Iberian and Serrano hams contains no additives or preservatives.


In its aim to join the new consumer trends and an increasingly healthy diet, Redondo Iglesias has chosen to offer the market a whole production of hams and shoulders with all-natural ingredients based on pork and sea salt from the Mediterranean.


In addition to this artisanal production, we must add a slow, prolonged and natural curing process in privileged drying sheds, which allows our hams and shoulders to develop their potential both in texture and aroma, as well as in flavor. This is also one of the keys to achieving a top quality product.


Behind this firm commitment there is a long process of R&D study in which the objective has been to eliminate all kinds of additives and preservatives, including sugars, gluten and lactose among others, thus achieving allergen-free products and always maintaining the highest quality and safety in all our production in both the Iberian and Serrano ham lines.


The family business continues to pass on the values of excellence through four generations. The success of the company is to combine an inherited tradition that started 100 years ago and a constant innovation, while necessary, adapting at all times to the needs of the market.


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